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Best History Coaching for IAS in Delhi

Best History Coaching for IAS in Delhi

Those who are planning to prepare for the civil services examination with History as an optional subject should definitely read this article on Best History Coaching for IAS in Delhi

Momentum IAS is the Best History Optional IAS Coaching in Delhi. For the Best Optional History Preparation for UPSC CSE Examination, you should Choose Momentum IAS Coaching in Delhi with the Best IAS Exams Training Program  for Optional History.

Why Momentum IAS is the Most Popular History Optional Coaching Institute in Delhi?

Momentum IAS offers Outstanding Coaching for IAS CSE Aspirants. If you are looking to properly refine and polish your history optional course using comprehensive and detailed notes, then the Momentum IAS Answer Writing Program is the best choice. The following features make Momentum IAS the No. 1 Coaching for IAS History Optional in Delhi.

  • The Best Guidance for History Optional in Delhi

Momentum IAS brings in the JMI alum; Piyush Kumar who uses a student-centric teaching methodology and enables the aspirants to recognize and harness their true potential.

  • Proper Answer Writing

Taking the UPSC History Optional Test Series  by Piyush Kumar and enrolling in the UPSC Mains History Optional Answer Writing Course will guarantee your success before you appear for your civil services examination.

  • Affordable Fee

Momentum IAS plans on providing aspirants with theMost Affordable History Optional Coaching Classes in Delhi with maximum benefits.

Features of Momentum IAS Optional History Foundation Course

The Optional History Course for IAS in Delhi conducted by Momentum IAS with the assistance of Piyush Kumar comes with a lot of benefits. Following are the course features:

  • Strategic Coverage of Syllabus

Piyush Kumar Sir covers the entire syllabus of History Optional with full coverage within 4-4.5 months and makes learning more conceptual and interesting by helping the students in revision, doubt clearance, and self-study.

  • Answer Writing Program

With Momentum IAS, you learn the tricks of writing long answers of greater value so you can score good marks in Answer Writing for UPSC IAS History Optional. Below is a list of features of the Momentum IAS History Answer Writing Program:

  • Total Tests: 20 (16 Sectionals & 4 Mocks)
  • Tests will be followed by a detailed discussion 
  • A Structured Model Answer Hint with value addition material 
  • Copy correction strictly by Faculty only
  • Copy evaluation within 7-10 days
  • One on One discussion with Faculty
  • Personalized Mentoring 
  • Test Series for History Optional in Delhi

Before appearing for the final exam of UPSC Mains, it is very important to practice the  Best Optional History Test Series provided by Momentum IAS which is carefully curated extensive research of previous years’ papers. 

  • Individual Student-Teacher Interaction

At Momentum IAS, all the students get flexible and comprehensive feedback from their mentors. In addition to a performance evaluation, Piyush Kumar Sir also conducts personalized one-on-one mentorship to students from time to time. 

Momentum IAS assures gradual progress because of its Best Quality  Study Materials for History Optional that are structured after thorough research. Under the guidance of Piyush Sir, you can refine and polish your prior understanding of the subject by learning how to craft perfectly written answers for your exam. 

So make sure you channel the source to its full potential by joining one of the Most Excellent IAS Coaching Institutes for History Optional in Delhi. Take one step further towards accomplishing your goals of clearing the civil services examination with Momentum IAS. 

FAQs on History Optional Coaching in Delhi

Q1. Why choose History optional for UPSC?

Ans. History optional is being chosen by many aspirants because of the syllabus overlap that UPSC History optional has with other mains paper and UPSC Preliminary exam, which makes the preparation easier.

Q2. Is there any coaching institute that can help me with history optional UPSC in Delhi?

Ans. Yes, there is one outstanding history optional coaching institute; Momentum IAS, which is the best coaching institute for history optional in Delhi. It offers providing aspirants with the Most Affordable History Optional Coaching Classes in Delhi with maximum benefits.

Q3. Can I prepare History Optional in UPSC without coaching?

Ans. Students think that they can go for History optional without coaching because it is a subject that is easy, to begin with. But, tackling the many in-depth historical references and topics that are conventionally missed while self-studying. Thus, with the right coaching, the students can approach the subject with a technical and detailed perspective. 

Q4. Is History optional a scoring subject in UPSC?

Ans. Yes, History is a scoring subject if you are thorough with proper guidance and preparation. So, it is important to thoroughly prepare and do repeated revisions of the subject.

Q5. What is the Momentum IAS Answer Writing program?

Ans. The Momentum IAS coaching classes under the guidance of Piyush sir offer the Best Answer Writing Program for History Optional that comes with the following features:

  • Total Tests: 20 (16 Sectionals & 4 Mocks)
  • Tests will be followed by a detailed discussion 
  • A Structured Model Answer Hint with value addition material 


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