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Best Teacher for History Optional for the UPSC in Delhi

Best teacher for history optional for the UPSC in Delhi

Choosing the right optional subject for UPSC is extremely important, as an optional subject plays the role of deciding factor in your selection (28.6% of entire UPSC CSE Mains Marks come from the optional subject). Many students choose history as an optional subject, and when you are choosing it as your optional it is very important to choose teachers very carefully.

Piyush Kumar Sir is the best history optional teacher in Delhi“, he is a faculty member at Momentum IAS coaching classes. He is famous for his teaching style and the way he delivers his content to the students. In this article, we will discuss why Piyush Kumar sir is the best teacher for history optional in Delhi-

  • Experience – He has been mentoring UPSC CSE aspirants for the past 10 years, and has given many selections in his career, which makes him the best history optional teacher.
  • Command over the subject – Piyush Kumar sir has a very good hold over the History optional subject. He has completed his education from renowned institutes of the country. He holds a M. Phil from Jamia Millia Islamia and is associated with the University teaching for the past 9 years.
  • Timely completion of the syllabus – Piyush Sir covers the entire syllabus of history optional with holistic coverage of all aspects and prospects of the subject in a time span of within 4-4.5 months, so that the students have immense time for self study, revision and practice.
  • Special focus on maps Piyush Kumar History optional is known for his approach towards the subject, he lays immense focus on teaching through maps, maps make it easier for the students to remember and understand the events. Drawing maps in History optional helps gain some brownie points as almost 10% of the both question papers comprises maps.
  • Comfortable for new students– the students who do not have an academic background in history will love the “history optional classes of Piyush Kumar sir“. He focuses on the concept building and not on the mugging of facts, which makes it easier to understand and answer the questions of the history optional subject.
  • Printed notes – In Momentum IAS coaching classes, you will get Piyush Kumar history notes in printed form for the entire UPSC syllabus of History optional, with some extra topics covered.
  • Answer writing – Piyush Kumar sir puts immense focus on the  history optional answer writing skills, for which Momentum IAS coaching classes offer answer writing program for history optional.

Thus if you want to add colours, along with the right quotient to your preparation, join “Momentum IAS”, and get guided by the ‘best teacher for history optional in Delhi.

FAQs on History Optional for UPSC :

  • Is history a good optional for UPSC?

History optional subject is being chosen by many aspirants because of the humongous overlap which UPSC History optional has with other mains paper and UPSC Preliminary exam, which makes the preparation easier.

  • How long will it take to complete History optional?

History optional subject is generally considered to be a vast subject, but it can be completed within 5 months with sound planning and proper strategy. Piyush sir history optional class takes around 4 months for completion.

  • Do I need to remember many facts in history?

Though you have to remember a few dates and personalities, but it does not require mugging as the important dates will be on your fingertips after a few readings, and the questions of history optional subject today are more based on thematic studies and not factual.

  • What is Momentum IAS Revision cum Answer Writing program?

Answer Writing for UPSC Mains History is extremely important, thus Momentum IAS has launched this program to polish your writing skills, The course is very beneficial because-

  • One-to-One session After evaluation by Piyush Kumar to Identify Issues and Lacunae before Tests
  • “History optional model answers”
  • One-to-One discussion
  • Evaluation within 7-10 days 

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  • Why should I join Momentum IAS History optional foundation course?

If you want to opt history optional subject for UPSC, but have no academic background then this course is very helpful for you because-

  • Complete coverage of UPSC Syllabus of History.
  • Focus on Concept Building.
  • History optional Test Series including 8 Tests (4 Sectionals & 4 Mocks)
  • Crisp and Relevant Material with focus on Current Trend.
  • Special Lecture Series on history optional Answer Writing Practice.
  • Discussion on Previous Year UPSC Question Papers of history optional.
  • Regular Classroom Answer Writing Practice for history optional.
  • Personalized Attention for Doubt Clearing

Along with that it has a very affordable fee structure which is only Rs. 35000 +GST.

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