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History Optional Answer Writing Program for UPSC CSE

History Optional Answer Writing Program for UPSC CSE

If you are searching for a program to get the best results of your UPSC CSE Mains exam for 2023, you should definitely look into the History Optional Answer Writing Program for UPSC CSE offered by Momentum IAS. Momentum IAS has curated the “best Answer Writing for UPSC History Optional”.

Momentum IAS is an institute that offers outstanding coaching for civil service aspirants. And if you are looking to properly refine and polish your history optional course using comprehensive and detailed notes, then Piyush Kumar Sir’s writing program is the Best History Answer Writing Program.

This course has been specifically organized for students who are:

  • Thoroughly fascinated by the prospects of “opting History as an optional” without having any prior knowledge or academic background of the subject.
  • Facing some difficulties in amalgamating and correlating with the core values of the subject and the challenges that come with it for the Mains exam.
  • Today finding it hard to understand historiography and its applicability in the subject.
  • Also for students who are well versed with the subject but are unable to put their knowledge into application as per the requirements of the UPSC.
  • Opted for self-study but are now finding it difficult to write precise and standard answers.

Faculty at Momentum IAS

At Momentum IAS, we have a keenly curated team of extraordinary faculties who have earned their education from well-known institutions like JNU, Delhi University, and JMI. All the teachers have a distinct way of teaching their respective subjects. As for “Answer Writing Program for History Optional for UPSC, Momentum IAS has Piyush Kumar, who holds a M. Phil from Jamia Millia Islamia and is associated with university teaching for the past 9 years.

Piyush Kumar is an excellent tutor who uses an integrated and student-friendly approach with the subject. For over a decade, Piyush Kumar has been providing his UPSC History Optional Coaching. He has assisted so many civil service candidates to achieve their goals. He makes sure to stay updated with the UPSC exam pattern and deals with students on an interactive basis during the class.

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About the Course – Answer Writing Session for History

Expressing written answers in a proper coherent way is a task that students often struggle with. In order to prepare yourself for the UPSC CSE Mains examination, you need to have a thorough understanding of the subject and articulate the same into words. Apart from this, it is really important to maintain a writing flow to determine your position in the final list and earn the tag ‘Recommended’.

Momentum IAS offers an amazing Revision cum Answer Writing Programme for History Optional to make sure that you have the right means to answer the question and get yourself a good result. Enroll for the course with Momentum IAS and give yourself a chance to dive deep into a year-long practice which will result in taking you one step closer to scoring the desired 1750 marks.

“With Piyush Kumar as your mentor for Momentum IAS History Answer Writing Program”, you get the perfect support and understanding. His realistic pedagogy with proximity to practical solutions allows you to succumb to the incredible areas of the History Optional. Also, with the correct exposure to the subject and Piyush Kumar’s mentorship, you will learn how to create heft answers that stun the evaluator in the most beneficial ways.

Piyush Kumar is exceptionally educated and experienced in the field of History Optional Answer Writing Course for UPSC and he marks as a sturdy stepping stone towards honing various students appearing for educational and institutional coaching. In the past few years, with Momentum IAS, he has assisted students in favourable ways. His support and tutoring allows students to form an integrated answer writing process, which is necessary for clearing UPSC CSE Mains.

Salient Features of the Course

The course conducted by Momentum IAS with assistance of Piyush Kumar comes with a lot of benefits. Below is a list of features of the Momentum IAS History Answer Writing Program:

  • Total Tests: 20 (16 Sectionals & 4 Mocks)
  • Tests will be followed by a detailed discussion
  • A Structured Model Answer Hint with value addition material
  • Copy correction strictly by Faculty only
  • Copy evaluation within 7-10 days
  • One on One discussion with Faculty
  • Personalized Mentoring

Piyush Kumar’s teaching methods always come in handy for History Optionals. As an aspirant of the civil services examinations, you must definitely allow yourself to rigorously practice and look for the strategic points in the subject. In addition, you will learn to portray your vast knowledge with the help of standard notes that outweigh all and help you to deliver the proper aspects of the subject in the form of elaborate answers.

Join this course and enable yourself to take a heads-on approach towards one of the most renowned and equally challenging exams in the world in the best ways possible.

FAQs on Daily Answer Writing Practice for History Optional:

  1. How can I write a history optional paper in UPSC?

With proper coaching and guidance, you can learn to craft your history optional written answers with extreme finesse. The subject also requires you to polish your knowledge by practicing as much as you can to score really good marks.

  1. Is history optional scoring in UPSC?

History optional is a completely theoretical subject. There are a number of events and dates that you need to memorize. So, it is important to thoroughly prepare and do repeated revisions of the subject if you want to achieve your goals.

  1. Is there any coaching course which helps with history optional UPSC?

Yes, there is one outstanding history optional writing program offered by Momentum IAS, which is the best coaching institute for history optional in Delhi. Make sure to enroll for Piyush Kumar Sir’s history optional answer writing program for UPSC.

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