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How is Momentum IAS for History Optional Classes?

How is Momentum IAS for History Optional Classes

If you are searching for “history optional coaching classes in Delhi”, then Momentum IAS is the best history optional coaching for you. What makes a coaching class the best is their faculty, their dedication towards the students, their previous track record, their content and most importantly their spirit to guide each and every student, be it experienced or a fresher.

Why You Should Join Momentum IAS History Optional Coaching

Expert faculty – A guru plays a very significant role in shaping the career of a student and getting a good mentor is getting difficult day by day. At Momentum IAS, you study under the guidance of the “best teacher for History Optional“, Piyush Kumar Sir. He is an M. Phil from Jamia Millia Islamia and associated with the University teaching for the past 9 years, he has been providing mentorship to civil service aspirants for the past 10 years.

Timely Completion of The Syllabus – Momentum IAS focuses on timely completion the history Optional syllabus, so that students are left with enough time to do revision, do History Optional Answer Writing Practice and solve History optional test series prior to the exam.

Printed notes– at Momentum IAS you are provided with printed notes which are an amalgamation of knowledge from the best of minds, in a very decent language, helping you to raise your standards of History Optional Answer Writing and helping in better understanding.

Interactive Classes – Piyush Sir carries a very practical approach to the classes focusing on increasing analytical power of the students, uses innovative methodology and pays attention on clearing doubts of the students, making him the best teacher for History Optional in Delhi.

Focus on concept building– Momentum IAS focuses on building conceptual clarity in the minds of the students so that they are not dependent on mugging up of the facts and can answer the indirect questions also easily, this makes “Piyush Kumar History Optional” the “best History Optional classes in Delhi“.

Up skilling Answer writing – Piyush Sir lays great emphasis on Daily Answer Writing Practice for History optional, as it is your answers that help you gain merit. He conducts special sessions on the answer writing for History Optional.

Studying through maps – Momentum IAS understands the changing pattern of questions and how studying through maps will make it easy for the students to correlate history with various other disciplines and write a more comprehensive answer.

Apart from the above-mentioned positives they guide students in building right approach towards the exam, which helps them in overall preparation of the UPSC CSE Exam. Thus joining Momentum IAS for your History optional will prove very fruitful, giving you a change to built comprehensive knowledge about the subject thus increasing your chance to enter the coveted list of the UPSC selected candidates.

FAQs on History Optional Classes

Is History Optional a good optional?

History optional has always been a very popular subject among the aspirants because of many reasons. Firstly, it is considered as a scoring subject and adding maps and flow charts works wonders, secondly the huge overlap it has with the other GS papers and it helps in writing a better essay as well, thirdly it helps in improving scores in UPSC prelims exam as well, and lastly, it is an interesting subject as it is a beautiful amalgamation of many other disciplines of humanities but with a historical perspective.

How much time it takes to cover History optional?

While studying on own History Optional may seem to be a lengthy subject due to abundance of material and guidance available however if you prepare under the right mentorship, it will take much less time.

Under the guidance of Piyush Kumar sir History optional is covered within 4 – 4.5 months with the focus on all aspects like concept clarity, map practice and answer writing. Allowing students with more time for History Optional Answer Writing Practice and Test Series for History Optional.

How to improve answer writing skills for History Optional?

Writing good answers is extremely important for UPSC CSE exam, in order to improve your Writing skills, it is important that you are thorough with the syllabus and concepts to establish better interlinking in your answers to make it more holistic, doing Daily Answer writing Practice and getting it assessed is very important to know your lacunae, try to add maps where ever possible and flow charts to explain chronology making your answers presentable.

What is Momentum IAS Answer Writing Programme?

Momentum IAS offers “Answer Writing Programme for History Optional to guide students ace the skills of writing best answers that can compel the examiner to give you better marks, this art can only come with regular practice that too of standard questions.

Students with adequate answer writing practice can take full benefit of test series as well, as it works as a double check for the preparation.

Who is Piyush Kumar?

Piyush Kumar” sir is a senior faculty at Momentum IAS for History Optional, he is well read and carries a huge experience. Sir holds a M. Phil from Jamia Millia Islamia and is associated with the University teaching for the past 9 years. He is providing his mentorship to civil service aspirants for the past 10 years and has helped many students sail through the exam and get selected at various posts. He provides students with the opportunity to clear their doubts regarding the subject making him the best teacher of History Optional Syllabus.

Why should I join Momentum IAS History optional foundation Batch?

Joining Momentum IAS History Optional Foundation Batch helps you cover the syllabus from the scratch, it is very good for the students who do not have any academic background in the subject.

Piyush Kumar sir with his excellent pedagogy skills makes every topic seem very easy even for the fresher, helping them gain confidence on the optional as the optional has a weightage of 500 marks in the UPSC mains.

Does Momentum IAS offer test series for History Optional?

Yes, Momentum IAS History Optional test series consists of 8 tests and costs only Rs 15,000. Students are provided with the printed notes of the topics covered, syllabus and lecture wise details, practice booklet with PYQs and model answers that helps students understand their weakness and gives space to improve it making it the best test series for History Optional.

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