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Is Momentum IAS Good for Political Science Optional Classes?

Is Momentum IAS Good for Political Science Optional Classes

The dilemma of a UPSC aspirant begins with the choice of a right optional and after choosing the best optional subject for you, the next dilemma comes in the form of choosing the best coaching.

If you have opted for Political Science and International Relations optional then Momentum IAS is the best choice for you. What makes any coaching institute the best especially among so much competition is there faculty and team, their experience and knowledge over the subject, the variety of courses offered, the pedagogy and teaching methodologies, the dedication towards solving the doubts of the students. All these qualities are present in Momentum IAS PSIR optional coaching class making it the best choice.

Why Momentum IAS is Good for Political Optional Classes

  • Best Teachers – At Momentum IAS you study under the guidance of the “best teacher of PSIR optional“, Dr. Piyush Chaubey Sir. Apart from holding a PhD from JNU, he has an experience of 12 years in the domain of mentoring UPSC aspirants and writing the success stories of hundreds of candidates.
  • Effective Teaching – Piyush Chaubey Sir is well aware that every student has different grasping power and thus carries a very practical approach to the class, he starts with firstly making students comfortable with each and every topic of the syllabus and then moves further picking topics from simple to complex ones.
  • Focus on Concept Building – Momentum IAS understands the changing pattern of the UPSC questions and thus focuses on delivering conceptual clarity to the students enabling them attempt all kinds of questions in the exam with ease.
  • In-depth Understanding – Students are provided with deeper understanding of the entire PSIR syllabus to enable them to interlink the concepts of PSIR and write more holistic answers and also helps in linking the topics of PSIR with GS papers giving answers multidimensional. This makes “Momentum IAS the best coaching for PSIR optional in Delhi”.
  • Answer Writing – Piyush Sir is very focused on improving the answer writing skills of every students as it is your answers that help you get more marks and get into merit, thus he conduct special sessions on answer writing strategies, provided students with regular practice questions making him the best PSIR Optional Teacher in Delhi.
  • Role of Current Affairs – Current affairs are very important for PSIR optional especially for Paper 2 which majorly deals with the dynamic part. At Momentum IAS students are provided with Politico analysis of the Contemporary issues. Helping students develop a wider horizon.
  • Timely Completion – Momentum IAS focuses on completing the entire syllabus of PSIR optional within the time period of 4 – 4.5 months. So that students are left with enough time to focus on GS papers, Daily answer writing practice and PSIR optional test series as well.
  • Printed Notes– Students are provided with the Dr. “Piyush Chaubey PSIR optional classes” printed notes, which are very comprehensive and cover the entire syllabus in a very decent language helping to reduce the burden over the students to study from multiple sources.
  • Multiple Courses – Piyush Chaubey PSIR Optional classes are not only limited to providing Foundation Batch for political science optional but also provide other courses like PSIR advance Batch, PSIR answer writing programme which helps students in improving their writing skills and PSIR test series to give students an insight into the level of the exam questions.

Thus joining Momentum IAS PSIR optional coaching will help you in gaining hold over your Optional subject which is extremely important to gain a good rank, also helping in acing the skills required for the UPSC. Helping in overall development and having a better approach towards the exam.

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FAQs on PSIR Optional Subject and Coaching                                         

Is PSIR a good optional?

In recent years PSIR optional has gained popularity among the UPSC aspirants because of the good success ratio, the scorability of the subject, and most importantly the huge overlap it has. PSIR optional helps in GS papers, it helps write better Essay, helps in securing 20 – 30 marks in UPSC prelims and also helps in countering questions in the UPSC interview.

However these benefits of the subjects can only be availed if you have prepared well under the guidance of a right mentor. You can join Piyush Chaubey PSIR Optional Coaching for gaining hold over your optional as it carries 500 marks weightage in the UPSC mains.

Why choose Momentum IAS coaching Classes for PSIR optional?

Momentum IAS is a the best choice because of numerous reasons like experienced and well read faculty, well equipped classrooms, attention on doubts of the students which are not entertained in other coaching classes, special focus on the PSIR Answer Writing practice which is like life line of the preparation and most importantly practical methodology and effective pedagogue to give students better insight into the subject.

Is Dr. Piyush Chaubey good for PSIR optional?

The role of a good teacher is the most prominent in the success of a candidate, a good teacher focuses on making his student self reliant in the subject, reducing his/ her dependency on books. Dr. Piyush Chaubey sir also focuses on building conceptual clarity in the minds of the students giving them the ability to understand contemporary issues with the PSIR perspective, which makes him the best PSIR optional teacher in Delhi.

Why should I choose Momentum IAS Foundation Batch for PSIR?

If you find PSIR interesting but fear opting it because you do not have a prior academic background in the subject then Momentum IAS PSIR Foundation Batch is for you.

We cover the syllabus from scratch and then move towards building complex topics, which helps both fresher and experienced equally. It includes lecture, printed notes, special focus on PSIR Daily Answer Writing, and PSIR test series giving student a holistic understanding of the optional.

Benefits of choosing Answer Writing Program for the PSIR optional?

Answer writing is that part of the UPSC CSE preparation which must never be ignored as it is the deciding factor of your selection and rejection. Writing answer which attract the attention of the examiner and compel them give good marks is an art which comes slowly with the practice and right guidance.

Under Momentum IAS PSIR Answer Writing Program, we help you recognize your lacunae. The program not only helps in improving writing skills but also helps in systematic revision and consolidation of the syllabus.

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