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PSIR Optional Answer Writing Program for UPSC CSE

PSIR Optional Answer Writing Program for UPSC CSE

Now that you have finished your Political Science and International Relations course for UPSC CSE examinations, the next step in your journey is to hone your PSIR Optional Answer Writing skills. Before you appear for the exam, it is very important that you dedicate a lot of time into practicing Answer Writing for PSIR Optional for UPSC. And for that, you should first enroll for “PSIR Optional Answer Writing Program for UPSC CSE” offered by Momentum IAS.

Momentum IAS is one of the best institutes in Delhi for civil service aspirants who have selected PSIR Optional for UPSC all across the nation. Students are inclined towards choosing Momentum IAS because it offers the Best PSIR Optional Teacher in Delhi.

In addition, the institute has a very impressive range of courses and programs for “Political Science and International Relations for UPSC” to carve out the best version of you and prepare you for your ultimate dreams and goals in life.

PSIR Optional Practice and Answer Writing Program



As for PSIR Optional, if you dive in straight to the Test Series programmes, you may feel very pressured and overwhelmed. To tackle this feeling you must give yourself a lot of time to learn how to combat with the 10k to 13k counterparts and ultimately get ready for the last phase with confidence and ease. This can be achieved with the help of UPSC Answer Writing Practice for PSIR Optional by Piyush Chaubey Sir.

In the current times, UPSC Civil Services Exam answer writing has become incredibly crucial on the path of accomplishing your end goal. And when you focus on the subject of PSIR Optional for UPSC, it is very important that you have done an ample amount of writing practice. This is because with time, the difficulty level of the exam increases and the questions asked in paper are twisted and based on detailed concepts.

In addition to this, enrolling for the appropriate PSIR Answer Writing Practice makes it easier for the students to polish their knowledge and revise their syllabus using a structured manner. If a test series for PSIR is designed keeping in mind the delicate needs of the student, then it will be very rewarding and in the best possible ways. This is why you must take great care in selecting the perfect “PSIR Optional Test Series for you.

About the Programme and the Faculty

At Momentum IAS, the courses designed for UPSC aspirants are extremely helpful for their performance. The PSIR Optional course has been articulated with utmost precision by Dr. Piyush Chaubey. “Piyush Sir is evidently the Best PSIR Optional Teacher in Delhi“. Here are the reasons why students recommend Dr. Piyush Chaubey’s coaching classes.

  • Piyush Sir holds a PhD from JNU and has 12 years of experience in the domain.
  • He has a fantastic teaching approach which uses in-depth discussion of the subject and interactive student-teacher sessions during the class.
  • He makes sure to pay attention to individual students by noting their progress and helping them work on their weaknesses
  • Piyush Chaubey also stays updated with the current changes in the subject and incorporates the same into his class
  • He has helped thousands of students achieve their dreams by guiding them in the best possible ways.

With his decade long experience and analysis in the industry, Piyush Chaubey Sir has cultivated a PSIR Optional course that follows the current trend and aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of the Civil Services Exam. Being the best Political Science Optional Coaching for UPSC in Delhi, Momentum IAS offers one of the most elaborate programmes.

Salient Features of the Programme

  • Total Tests: 16 (12 Sectionals & 4 Mock Tests)
  • A revision test after every two tests will be conducted
  • Tests will be followed by detailed discussions
  • A Structured Model Answer Hints
  • Copy to be evaluated strictly by Faculty only
  • Copy evaluation within 7-10 days
  • One on One discussion with Faculty
  • Personalized Mentoring

The main aim of the PSIR Optional answer writing programme is to help students with answer writing through revision of the complete PSIR syllabus using a very integrated approach. In addition, Piyush Sir is exceptionally knowledgeable with Paper 2 of PSIR which is becoming a make or break in this examination.

Another benefit of the PSIR Daily Answer Writing Program is its schedule. With the help of this Answer writing programme for UPSC Political Science Optional, Piyush Chaubey Sir and Momentum IAS have the objective to lead the civil service aspirants towards a successful career in the best possible way.

FAQs on PSIR Daily Answer Writing Program:

  1. How to study for PSIR Optional for UPSC CSE examination?

It is very important to cover the entire syllabus thoroughly. You must never skip a single topic, because often, it is the one that appears in the exam. After that, make sure you practice answer writing as much as possible and try to get guidance from teachers.

  1. Is Political Science and International Relations Optional scoring?

Yes, PSIR is a scoring subject for UPSC CSE exam. And, the recent UPSC CSE (UPSC CSE 2021) results display the same where a substantial figure is present in the top 10 who had availed of this subject as their optional. It is completely non-technical and it tackles the political dynamics of the country as well as the interpersonal relations with other countries. If you are interested in Political Science, then the subject can be very rewarding for you.

  1. Which is the best coaching for PSIR Optional in Delhi?

Momentum IAS institute offers the finest “coaching for PSIR Optional” to all civil service aspirants in the country. The institute has an outstanding team of faculty members and their teaching methodology is very successful.

  1. What is the success rate for PSIR Optional?

When it comes to UPSC CSE Mains examination for IAS, an average of a thousand students choose Political Science and International Relations as an optional. And the success rate is a satisfactory percentage of 6-7%.

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