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10 Tests(8 Sectional and 2 Full length) with UNLIMITED MENTORSHIP

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Why join Chaubey sir for PSIR test series?

  1. Experience a scientific approach to performance evaluation, perfected to match UPSC's rigorous standards. Benefit from our multi-dimensional performance analysis that provides detailed insights into your progress, enabling you to focus on areas requiring improvement.

  1. Margdarshan - A Guided Pathway to Score 300+ in PSIR: Our uniquely designed approach includes Aadhar (content enrichment material), Ran Niti (strategic answer writing guidance), Prayaas (probable future topic questions), Roop Rekha (sample question frameworks), and Vikalp (a collection of potential introductions and conclusions for answers).

  1. All-Inclusive Coverage: Our psir mains test series leaves no stone unturned. It ensures exhaustive coverage of both Paper 1 and Paper 2, presenting questions that align with the latest UPSC trends.

  1. Customized & Prompt Feedback: Piyush Chaubey Sir personally evaluates each answer, offering timely, customized feedback that hones your strengths and addresses areas of improvement when you join our psir optional test series.

  • Unwavering Focus on Conceptual Clarity: Our test series merges fundamental concepts with practical applications and current affairs, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

  1. Encouraging Peer Learning: Learn from the best - access top-rated answers by fellow students, providing diverse perspectives to refine your responses.

  1. Limitless Mentorship: Avail on-demand mentorship from Piyush Chaubey Sir, both online and offline. Our commitment is to your success.

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Experience the transformative features of the Political science optional Test Series:

Rigorous Evaluation & Performance Analysis

  1. Our approach focuses on crucial metrics to ensure 300+ marks in UPSC CSE Mains 2023.


Write the test anytime you want before the prescribed validity at your convinience and we will send you the Fully Evaluated answer sheets.


Get your copy evaluated in a time bound manner without any delay.

Performance Enhancement Guidance

Benefit from detailed test paper discussions led by Piyush Chaubey Sir, enhancing your understanding of the subject's complexities and demands.

Prompt, Personalized Feedback:

  1. Enjoy timely answer evaluation and detailed feedback from Piyush Sir himself.

Limitless Mentorship

  • Avail on-demand mentorship from Piyush Chaubey Sir, improving time management skills, handling pressure, and mastering the craft of answer writing.

Uncover 4 Key Components of PSIR Test series of Piyush Chaubey Sir:

Ran Niti:

Learn strategic answer writing, focusing on comprehending the precise demands of the question.

Rooprekha: The PSIR Answer Writing Strategy

Get a sample framework to guide your answer writing process.

Vikalp (Options):

Overcome initial inhibitions with a collection of potential introductions and conclusions.

Aadhar (Self Study Pack): The Enrichment phase

Dive into detailed study notes emphasizing factual content, current affairs, and scholarly views.

See what our Students say 😊

Piyush sir is highly co-operative when it comes to doubt clearing. He has been mentoring me at every step of my preparation. He is definitely the best teacher for PSIR Optional subject

Rakesh Pandey

When you choose an optional like Political science, you tend to get a lot of silly doubts from books to basic concepts. Piyush chaubey sir patiently replies to each and every question in the group.

Kritika Reddy

I have never seen a teacher like Piyush chaubey sir. He is the best Political science optional teacher in Delhi. I message him directly and he is directly accessible to each and every student. In most of the big coaching centers in delhi, teacher just comes and goes like celebrities.

Kuldeep Chauhan

Sunita Kumari AIR 296

Indian Revenue service

Learning political science via Micro topic syllabus from Piyush Chaubey sir was the best decision of my life. I can say that his strategies and test series were completely a game changer in my preparation.


Indian administration service

Under Piyush chaubey sir's guidance, i have secured 319 marks. I followed his advice and faithfully applied the same in the exam.

Rishav Mandal AIR 58

Indian Administrative service

It is definitely important to attempt the test series so that you can assess yourself and look for areas of improvement. I would definitely recommend piyush chaubey sir's classes.

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