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Target 300+ in PSIR with Elite Strategies

Introducing the ELITE FOUNDATION BATCH for PSIR Optional for CSE 2024

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What is Elite PSIR Foundation Course?

Having your basics right for PSIR optional is indispensable. Once the basics are strong, you need to develop IMPACTFUL PRESENTATION and CONTINUAL ENRICHMENT PROCESS to target 300+ in PSIR. This course is better than any other ordinary PSIR optional coaching.

Building a conceptual foundation is important for both PAPER 1 and PAPER 2. Piyush sir will be conducting classes for both the papers in 4 months.

Once your base is built, you will write PSIR Test series and learn the presentation techniques.

You will get UNLIMITED MENTORSHIP from Piyush Chaubey Sir - On Demand Mentorship until you crack CSE, so that you can turn your weakness into strength.

  • Get Special Masterclass for Paper 2 International Relations to write High quality Analytical answers with comparative politics.

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Why join PSIR Elite Foundation course?

Phase 1: Full coverage of basics of both Paper 1 and Paper 2

✅Entire PSIR optional is divided into 4 Modules with Crisp Summary

Previous year questions based notes with Value added content on each topics.

✅Implement the 4C Strategy - Compare, Criticise, Contemporary and Conclude to each and every PSIR Answers

Phase 2: Test yourself to build trust on yourself

Attempt 8 sectional tests after attending different sections after foundation classes.

✅Get 2 Full length tests and spot your weakness after evaluation(All papers are evaluated by Piyush sir).

✅Get Detailed analysis of each tests so that by the end of the course, you will also know your weak areas.

Phase 3: Mentoring session - To bridge the knowledge gaps and find enrichment scope

✅Get on-demand One to one sessions with Piyush sir via message/Phone call or Video call.

Discuss your answer sheets with sir after the class so that you can have a consistent improvement.

✅Prepare Readymade Introductions & Conclusions with all important KEYWORDS for all previous year questions and possible expected questions

Phase 4: Mega Enrichment phase

✅Get a free bootcamp on Paper 2 of PSIR Optional so that you can cope up with all contemporary developments.

✅Learn how to create MICRO-DIAGRAMS in a thematic manner to talk more with less words.

✅Get ONE PAGE ONE THEME notes for quick revision and SOLID ENRICHMENT


Deliverables of Elite PSIR Optional Classes


Live PSIR optional classes(OFFLINE & ONLINE) with the best PSIR optional strategy to score 300+ in the CSE Mains exam


After learning the Answer writing strategy for PSIR optional from Piyush sir, you will be writing answers on the spot after completion of important topics.


Get the best PSIR optional test series for UPSC exams from Piyush sir so that you don't need to join online psir classes or tests else were. Practice can significantly improve chances to score 300+ in the optional subject.


Get compilation of relevant scholars opinions to enrich your answers at topical level and even in the online PSIR lectures of Piyush chaubey sir


Get revision friendly notes which has one theme in one page for RAPID IMPLEMENTATION of ENRICHED THEMES into ANSWERS.  


  • Special Bootcamp for Paper 2 International Relations so that you will complete the syllabus effectively. (All classes conducted by Chaubey sir).

See what our Students say 😊

Piyush sir is highly co-operative when it comes to doubt clearing. He has been mentoring me at every step of my preparation. He is definitely the best teacher for PSIR Optional subject

Rakesh Pandey

When you choose an optional like Political science, you tend to get a lot of silly doubts from books to basic concepts. Piyush chaubey sir patiently replies to each and every question in the group.

Kritika Reddy

I have never seen a teacher like Piyush chaubey sir. This is the best psir coaching i have ever seen. He is the best Political science optional teacher in Delhi. I message him directly and he is directly accessible to each and every student. In most of the big coaching centers in delhi, teacher just comes and goes like celebrities.

Kuldeep Chauhan

Sunita Kumari AIR 296

Indian Revenue service

Learning political science via Micro topic syllabus from Piyush Chaubey sir was the best decision of my life. I can say that his strategies and test series were completely a game changer in my preparation.


Indian administration service

Under Piyush chaubey sir's guidance, i have secured 319 marks. I followed his advice and faithfully applied the same in the exam. This is the best political science optional course.

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