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History Optional UPSC CSE Piyush Sir Momentum IAS New Batch 13th March

History Optional Momentum IAS Piyush Kumar UPSC CSE

History has acquired a lot of importance in recent times when it comes to UPSC Civil Services Examination (UPSC CSE). Today, one can witness more than 15 questions in the Prelims and about 6 – 7 questions in the CSE Mains. Hence, almost 15% of the paper of your Prelims paper is coming from the History. And, it gets raised to 20%, if the portion of Art & Culture is included. Hence, there is a need for a holistic preparation which can come with a proper study over History by incorporating it as an Optional Subject. Here, comes the role of Momentum IAS through which you can go for almost 35% of CSE Mains preparation and 20% of CSE Prelims Preparation. Join History Optional UPSC CSE Piyush Sir Momentum IAS  today.


What is Momentum IAS?

Momentum IAS was launched in the year 2021 under the guidance of Dr Piyush Chaubey Sir and Piyush Kumar Sir. Both are the beacon of hope for their students and have ensured concrete results in the UPSC CSE. As of today’s date, it is conducting programmes related to Political Science and History Optional, their Test Series and Revision-cum Answer Writing Sessions. In addition to this, the institute is running value-addition materials through YouTube’s channel under the flagships of Vishleshan (Key Topics Elaboration), Nidhi (Value-Addition Module for Current Affairs), Daily News Decoding (Daily Current Affairs), Anushilan (Daily Prelims Practice Quiz), Riyaaz (Mains Practice Questions), etc.


History Optional UPSC CSE Piyush Sir Momentum IAS

The new batch for the History Optional Course by Piyush Kumar Sir is going to start from 13th March 2023. In this course, Piyush Kumar Sir is going to adopt a comprehensive model to cover topics from Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, Post-Independence Era, and World History. Under this flagship course, you get the following materials:

  1. Printed Notes/Books for each Section
  2. Test Series – 8 Tests
  3. Answer Writing Sessions
  4. Value – Addition Notes
  5. History in the News
  6. Map Materials
  7. Doubt discussion


The duration of this course will be 4.5 months to 5 months.


About Piyush Kumar Sir

Piyush Kumar Sir is a renowned faculty and the best teacher for History Optional. He has completed his M.Phil from Jamia Millia Islamia University. He holds a teaching experience in this domain for the last 10 years. He has generated hundreds of successful students who have made into the “RECOMMENDED” list from that of holding aspirations and dreams to serve this great nation. In addition to this, he is faculty in the Delhi University. Piyush Kumar Sir brings a student-centric approach where he brings gimmicks from time to time from different horizons. Such methodology helps you to get a better understanding of the concept occurs in a better way. He holds this ideology to provide dictated notes apart from the printed notes that can set his students apart from the aspirant community.

In this course, he is going to cover 85 – 90% of the course while the remaining course will be taught by Jyoti Yadav Ma’am


What is there in Answer Writing Sessions?

Momentum IAS provides a special space for the students to understand the Art of Writing Answers. Here, periodically a student is going to get exposure to prevalent and prominent questions for the Optional subject. Wit this, you will understand the strategy of articulating answers in the lines of What to Write, Why to Write, When to Write, and How to Write. Answer Writing Sessions are taken care of by Jyoti Yadav Ma’am whose hallmark lies with her experience in terms of Personality Tests and Mains. Her ideas will be fruitful for the GS Paper – 1, 4 and Essay as well, apart from the Optional Subject. Hence,this answer writing session will be no less than a package that is going to make you ready for almost 40% of the paper. Both Jyoti Yadav Ma’am and Piyush Kumar Sir will ensure that you have sufficient practice before writing CSE Mains, especially the Optional paper. 


Why value addition notes and map materials are necessary?

Most of the institutes follow the model of providing all information at one place. But that is not going to help if the guidance related to it or how to access or fetch information from it is not provided. Apart from this, such institutes are not going to provide special materials which are MUST, considering the dynamics of this examination. An integrated approach requires time to time intervention and creation of materials that are important for the students. But how can history be dynamic considering the events that have already occurred in the past? Well, to answer this part, it is important to understand it with an example. In the Union Budgets, the Government takes steps related to our heritage sites.


For example, a year-long programme will be happening to celebrate the 200th Birth Anniversary of Dayanand Saraswati. So, one can expect questions on him or movements related to him. To ensure that an aspirant is equipped with the latest trends and news, “History in the News” has been coming from time to time. Till date, eight editions have been released. Map material also becomes important due to amount of marks it is covering, 50 marks in the Paper – 1 of the Optional (20% of the Paper), i.e., 10% of the overall Optional Subject. Hence, an updated material is quintessential.


How to join this History Optional UPSC CSE Piyush Sir Momentum IAS Course?

If you have decided that Momentum IAS is the place or the best UPSC CSE institute for History Optional in Karol Bagh, Delhi, here is your golden opportunity to lift up yourself in terms of skills and clear this exam with flying colors by joining History Optional UPSC CSE Piyush Sir Momentum IAS . For joining this course, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Watch this demo video before joining the batch:
  2. Visit the website:
  3. Explore the History Optional Course from the top menu section. For those opening in their phones, need to tap on the hamburger icon.
  4. Click on the option from the dropdown menu – History Optional – Foundation 2024 – 13th March 2023.
  5. You can directly go to the link:
  6. Select in which mode do you want this course: Offline or Online. (For Offline, the course fee is 40,000 + GST = 47,200/-, and for Online, the course fee is 35,000 + GST = 41,300/-).
  7. Make the payment and you have taken one step.
  8. Leave the rest to Piyush Kumar Sir and Momentum IAS team.


Can you make payment in installment?

Momentum IAS gives this right to individual aspirants if they cannot pay the entire in one shot by paying in 2 or 3 installments. However, for this purpose, an aspirant has to contact the Coordinator, Programmes & Policies.  For this, you can mailing him at [email protected] or reaching him at 8929879230 or 8929879231. It is because payment directly through the website will take the option for the full payment.

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